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Shop Our Latest Offers Now. Free Shippin The Distracted Girlfriend depicts the same female model who played the spurned Girlfriend in the Distracted Boyfriend meme. I like the well-known Distracted Girlfriend meme, and I'll cheer for anyone who is a fan of it. But personally I think it is too mild and does not match the tension in the Distracted Boyfriend meme Browse and add captions to Distracted girlfriend memes. Create. Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Flip Through Images. Login . Login Signup Toggle Dark Mode. Hot New. Sort By: Hot New Top past 7 days Top past 30 days Top past year. Top January Top Dec. 2020 Top Nov. 2020 Top Oct. 2020 Top Sep. 2020 Top Aug. 2020 Top July 2020 Top June 2020 Top May 2020 Top Apr. 2020 Top.

The distracted boyfriend meme—a stock photo of a man, presumably with his girlfriend, checking out a different girl—took the internet by storm in August. In the meme, the guy represents you, the.. Before there was the popular distracted boyfriend meme, there was the old school, vintage distracted girlfriend meme. It is now popping up on Reddit. The photo is of a woman walking with a sailor and her head is turned as a naval officer (or Marine) walks by. The photo closely resembles a stock photo of a guy eyeing another woman while walking with his girlfriend. Redditor u/_EuXioM_ posted. Distracted Girlfriend. Different take on popular Meme. Find the best backgrounds and add some fun to your Zoom, Teams, Skype and Google Meet meeting Meanwhile, a photoshopped variation of the image was submitted by Redditor SteW- to /r/me_irl, featuring the original Distracted Boyfriend as the jealous boyfriend (shown below). O On October 30th, The Daily Dot published an article about the new stock photo titled Distracted girlfriend brings gender equality to the meme world The distracted boyfriend meme is a meme based on a 2015 stock photograph by the Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem. Social media users started using the image as a meme at the start of 2017, and it went viral in August 2017 as a way to depict different forms of infidelity. The meme has inspired various spin-offs and received critical acclaim. Stock photograph. The stock image was taken in.

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Insanely fast, mobile-friendly meme generator. Make Distracted Boyfriend memes or upload your own images to make custom memes Distracted Girlfriend. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 1 point · 7 months ago. have you got a boyfriend version? View Entire Discussion (1 Comments) More posts from the zoombackgrounds community . 141. Posted by 5 days ago [OFFICIAL] Four Seasons Landscaping (from their. Little did I know that what I'd stumbled upon was the meme of the summer, commonly referred to online as distracted boyfriend. I'd soon be seeing that same stock-image photo proliferating across.

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The meme is based on a stock photo of a man walking with his girlfriend while being distracted by another attractive woman. The photograph, which is still available on iStock by Getty Images, is.. Before the 'distracted boyfriend' meme, there was the distracted girlfriend. By Bridget Judd. Posted Sat Saturday 23 Feb February 2019 at 4:26am Sat Saturday 23 Feb February 2019 at 4:26am. The. You know that meme with the distracted boyfriend and the incredulous girlfriend? Well, it turns out she gets shocked by a lot of things..

1. Uploading the Image You can click the Copy the image link below and the image link will be copied automatically. 2. Adding Text to Memes The textual part of the Distracted Boyfriend meme is always incorporated into the photo, so make... 3. Downloading the Meme This edit speculates that with the meme becoming used in conversation more and more, it could've eventually evolved to the point of becoming a replacement for traditional human language; not exactly a far-fetched concept considering how memes like Distracted Boyfriend are known the world over and, with the right execution, can even bridge culture or language gaps

Extra Pictures Show The Full Story Of The Distracted Boyfriend Meme Tom Wood Published 9:21 AM , October 03 2019 GMT+1 | Last updated 9:22 AM , October 03 2019 GMT+ The Internet Found The People From The 'Distracted Boyfriend' Meme And Everyone Is Shook. 30 August 2017, 11:19 . By James Wilson-Taylor @mrjaytee. The photographer and the models of the iconic stock photo have finally spoken out about their new found fame. After weeks of hilarious edits, the people behind the hilarious 'distracted boyfriend' meme have spoken out about shooting the iconic. Truth of 'Distracted boyfriend' meme. One of the reasons why the trio could not be '10 years on' was because the original meme had surfaced in 2017. The photograph was a stock pic clicked by Barcelona-based Antonio Guillem in 2015 in Girona in Catalonia, Spain. While this did not turn out to be true, the girl featuring in another viral meme. The distracted boyfriend meme -- one of 2017's best memes-- is the meme that refuses to die.If George Romero made a movie about a meme, it'd be this monster that keeps returning from the dead. On.

The distracted boyfriend was one of the biggest memes of 2017! It started with a stock photo that was easy to edit and relatable to many different people and.. An epic story of love, heartbreak, and the world's worst boyfriend.Subscribe now: https://www.youtube.com/c/funnyordie?sub_confirmation=1CREDITS:Narrator: Da.. jealous girlfriend, guy checking out another girl, boyfriend looking at other girl, guy looking back, distracted bf, girlfriend angry at guy checking out other girl, girlfriend angry at bf . The distract boyfriend or the guy checking out another girl has been one of the most popular meme templates over the last few years. This meme is a stock photo that shows a man looking at the backside of a. That is, of course, the striking resemblance it bears to the Distracted Boyfriend meme which has been ubiquitous in social media in the past couple of years The claim is based on the now-famous distracted boyfriend meme, which surfaced in 2017 and has become a frequent template for jokes. It shows a man pursing his lips at a passing woman while his companion, presumably his girlfriend, looks at him in disgust. The original picture comes from a stockphoto site. The misleading post, shared more than 1,400 times here on Facebook, features a picture.

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Shutterstock tried to cash in on the distracted guy meme“Distracted Boyfriend” Is A Meme You Really Should KnowFunny zoom backgrounds | funnyzoombackgroundsYou can tell if your partner is cheating on you bySpongeBob Disney #3 | SpongeBob Comparison Charts | Know54 Art History Memes That Belong in the Effing MoMA | Art
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