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Phalanx CIWS Close In Weapons System • Live Fire Test

The Phalanx CIWS (pronounced sea-wiz) is a close-in weapon system for defense against incoming threats such as small boats, surface torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and helicopters. It was designed and manufactured by the General Dynamics Corporation, Pomona Division, later a part of Raytheon The Phalanx® weapon system is a rapid-fire, computer-controlled, radar-guided gun that can defeat anti-ship missiles and other close-in threats on land and at sea. Phalanx Close-In Weapon System Takes Out Air and Surface Threat The Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) is a rapid-fire, computer-controlled, radar-guided gun that can defeat... Here is why the Phalanx CIWS is so Powerful

Phalanx is the most numerous CIWS in the world and has been exported to many other countries. Like other close-in weapon systems, Phalanx provides ships with a terminal defense against anti-ship missiles that have penetrated other fleet defenses Weitere Bedeutungen sind unter Phalanx (Begriffsklärung) aufgeführt. Als Phalanx (gr. φάλανξ phálanx für Baumstamm, Walze, Rolle oder Schlachtreihe ; der Plural des Wortes lautet Phalangen) wird eine dichtgeschlossene, lineare Kampfformation schwerbewaffneter Infanterie mit mehreren Gliedern bezeichnet

Phalanx automatically detects, tracks and engages threats. It features a 20mm M-61A1cannon, search and track radar and FLIR in the Block 1B model. To date, the United States Navy and 20 other nations have purchased more than 850 Phalanx systems. 4.37vote Das Phalanx Mk-15 von Raytheon (früher Hughes) ist ein US-amerikanisches Nahbereichsverteidigungssystem zur Abwehr anfliegender Flugkörper sowie kleiner Wasserfahrzeuge und Seeminen. Das System ist auf fast jedem Schiff der US Navy installiert und wurde in über 20 Länder exportiert

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Footage shows loading the Phalanx Close In Weapons System (CIWS) seewiz and test firing from three different U.S. Navy ships - USS Underwood (FFG-36), USS. Developed in the early 1950s, the gun was standardized as the M61 in 1956. The U.S. Army used the M61 in the M167 and M163 air defense systems and as the primary gun system on the F-14, F-15, F-16,.. The Phalanx packs the famous M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon, a gun found on almost every modern American fighter aircraft since the F-104 Starfighter. Its six revolving barrels spray out a stream on.

Phalanx is a point-defense, total-weapon system consisting of two 20mm gun mounts that provide a terminal defense against incoming air targets. CIWS, without assistance from other shipboard systems, will automatically engage incoming anti-ship missiles and high-speed, low-level aircraft that have penetrated the ship primary defense envelope. As a unitized system, CIWS automatically performs. Phalanx is the only deployed CIWS capable of autonomous search, detection, evaluation, tracking, engagement and kill-assessment functions. The Block 1B Surface Mode configuration builds on earlier capabilities with the addition of an Optimized Gun Barrel (OGB) for an improved dispersion pattern and an integrated Forward-Looking Infrared System The phalanx (Ancient Greek: φάλαγξ; plural phalanxes or phalanges, φάλαγγες, phalanges) was a rectangular mass military formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, sarissas, or similar pole weapons.The term is particularly used to describe the use of this formation in Ancient Greek warfare, although the ancient Greek writers used it to also. MK 15 Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) The MK 15 Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS - pronounced sea-whiz) is a fast-reaction, rapid-fire 20-millimeter gun system that provides US Navy ships with a terminal defense against anti-ship missiles that have penetrated other fleet defenses. Designed to engage anti-ship cruise missiles and fixed-wing aircraft at short range, Phalanx automatically engages functions usually performed by separate, independent systems such as. Development of the Vulcan Phalanx began in the 1960s as the US Navy woke up to the threat of the sea-skimmers after the destruction of Israeli destroyer Eilat by Russian-made Styx missiles in 1967. The M61 Vulcan Gatling gun had been in service since 1959 and was initially developed for use in air-air combat

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The Phalanx consists of a M61 Vulcan gatling gun—the same gun used on the F-15C Eagle and F/A-18 Super Hornet—along with a radar fire control system. Phalanx is designed to be switched on in. The Mk-15 Phalanx CIWS is a fast-reaction, rapid-fire 20mm gun system for short range defense against aircraft or missiles. Each mount consists of three main parts: the white head containing the track radar, the gun (six barrels) and below the gun there is the magazin. The gun is able to fire more than 3,000 rounds per minute. These bullets are made of uranium. It's non-radioactive and much.

Thus, were Phalanx ever to direct its guns towards the Imperial Palace, the Custodians would enact veiled protocols that would see it scuttled before it could fire a shot. By the time the Indomitus Crusade began to mark the start of the Era Indomitus, Phalanx was badly damaged, much of its ancient technology nonfunctional or long-decayed Sydney -- The Phalanx gun has come a long way since it was devised for the US Civil War.Australia's newest warship, HMAS Sydney has come mounted high... Right-wing cavalry of the Carthaginian army; 7) left-wing cavalry; 8) Carthaginian phalanx; 9) Roman army, First Punic War, Plate XXXV, engraving by.. The 20mm Phalanx gun is NO KIDS TOY, this thing is 100 kinds of mean all the live-long day. This may well be the U.S. Navy's last line of defense, but given the specs on this weapon and all of it's capabilities, I don't think a seagull could get by it. Just another weapon in a long list of weapons that kicks serious butt. The Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) was developed as the.

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